Specific Program Instructions

Important Instructions Please read carefully before you download the programs!

The following instructions provide the necessary instructions to make sure that you maximize the effectiveness of the programming. If you follow them, you will be better able to enjoy rapid and powerful results:

There are two programs that need to be used in order. First, download and listen to “Restful Relaxation – Deep Sleep™.” Listen to this for a conditioning period of at least six days. This allows you to respond more rapidly to the self-hypnosis state on the main program. (If you are a heavy meditator or can go into hypnotic trances easily, you can bypass this program.) After the six-day conditioning period, this program is still useful if you would like to further train youself to link deep breaths to instantly achieve a physically and mentally  calm and relaxed state.

Once you have finished the conditioning period, download and listen to the main program, “The Inner Game of Sales™.” Listen to this for at least the next thirty days. It usually takes thirty days for the inner mind to grasp a new way of doing things. Even so, you probably will start to experience results before that period is over. The longer you consistently listen to this program, the more ingrained it will be in your inner mind and the better will be the results.

There is a place in the program where I leave room for you to do a visualization. The visualization is called “Confident Greetings” where you can play a mental movie of you having already achieved your goal. Put yourself actually in the scene of having gotten your goal and are now confidently and enthusiastically meeting and greeting new people both cold calling and at networking opportunities . You might first observe you doing what you would do, or getting what you got, as if it was fact right now, and then move into your body and experience the good feelings of accomplishment, hear what you would be saying to your self and what other around are saying. See the scene that you would see, if there are smells, smell the smells. Make sure that you avoid the word “not” in your descriptions, ie: avoid, “I am NOT afraid!” instead use, “I am at ease, full of confidence!”

Because during the program you will probably on be consciously available, the way to do the above is to run the mental movie before you start the program. Say the trigger words, “Confident Greeting,” run the movie in your mind and then say the trigger words again. Your inner mind will then insert the visualization at the proper time in the program when it hears me say the trigger words.

Once you start using the main program, please listen it exclusively. If you switch between different self-hypnosis programs, your inner mind can get confused about your specific goals.
While listening to your program, you might find that you consciously drift away from listening, or you may feel you have gone to sleep for a brief period. That is OK, as long as you again become aware at the end of the program. Then you can be sure that your inner mind has been getting the programming.

There is no need to make a concerted effort to listen to my voice on the program. It is OK to let your mind drift away as it will. The chance are that once you have been using the program for a while, you will not be consciously aware of any of what I am saying other than in the beginning and the end.

Although at the end of the program I will provide directions to come out of the hypnotic state and be wide awake and ready to get on with your day, if you are playing this at night and want to continue on to a restful sleep, I also let you know that instead of becoming wide awake, you will just turn off your player and drift into a restful sleep.

WARNING: DO NOT PLAY OR LISTEN TO THESE PROGRAMS IN A MOVING VEHICLE unless you are not the driver and you are listening to it with head phones. When driving, you should pay attention to the road. It’s not advisable to move into hypnotic states while driving or operating machinery.

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