Restful Relaxation – Deep Sleep™

This program is perfect for insomniacs as well as everyone else that would like to have an easy way to drift into a relaxing, deep slumber. It has the added benefit of training the Inner Mind to quickly link slow, easy, deep breaths to total mind and body calm relaxation.

It is a progressive relaxation exercise. All you have to do is to turn on the program and follow Jason’s suggestions. After you get in a comfortable relaxed body position, you will be asked to take a series of slow deep breathes. With each breath, you will be asked to tighten the muscles in a specific body part starting with the bottom of one of your feet and as you slowly let that breathe out, relax those muscles. Then you will progressively do the same thing with every muscle group in your body. In this way, the body begins to understand what relaxation feels like and the Inner Mind makes a connection, a link, between easy, slow, breathes and muscle relaxation.

After using this program for a while (minimum of 30 days), the Inner Mind (your subconscious) will get the connection between these breathes and body relaxation and when that happens, all you will need to do in stressed situations will be to take some deep breaths and the tension will be gone.

It has been said that twenty minutes of this type of programmed relaxation is more refreshing than many hours of regular sleep.

PLEASE NOTE: This program comes as a free bonus when you purchase any of my other great programs. So if any of them interest you, just purchase them and this program will be yours for free!

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