Life-Changing Programs!

  These Programs Will Change Your Life!

Enhansing Self-Esteem™

This self-hypnosis program to enhance your self-esteem/love was developed and narrated by Jason Wittman, MPS, LAADC. He has over 45 years of experience as both a certified hypnotherapist and a counselor specializing in assisting people with low self-esteem/love.  Learn More...

Mastering Self-Confidence!!!™     

~A Very Easy and Effective Way to Build Your Self-Confidence ~

This program will greatly assist you being able to do all those things you would love to do but do not have the nerve to even attempt. Self-Hypnosis is the easiest way to get your Inner Mind to quickly reprogram itself to go from “no way” to “of course I can!” All you have to do is lie down, follow my instructions on how to do the visualizations, turn on the program and drift off in restful relaxation. Couldn’t be simpler than that! Learn More...

The Inner Game of Sales™

This program is designed especially for working professionals, sales associates and solopreneurs who need to network and cold call both on the phone and in person.

If you dream of being able to pick up the phone and effortlessly cold call prospects, walk into unfamiliar networking environments with ease and calm, walk into new businesses  prospects, cold, and be in control, anxiety-free, then this is the program for you. Learn More…

Maximizing Physical Potential™

Picture this……….

You no longer need to call on massive amounts of will power to do your physical fitness program.

You”re doing an exercise or doing a weight set and you consciously decide that you have done all you can do, and your body automatically overrides that thought and takes you to your true maximum potential!

Sound too good to be true?  Then read on….  Learn More…

Restful Relaxation – Deep Sleep™

This  program is perfect for insomniacs as well as everyone else that would like to have an easy way to drift into a relaxing, deep slumber. It has the added benefit of training the Inner Mind to quickly link slow, easy, deep breaths to total  mind and body calm relaxation.

It is a progressive relaxation exercise. All you have to do is to turn on the program and follow Jason’s suggestions. After you get….  Learn More…