One of my best selling Programs!

Maximizing Physical Potential™

Picture this……….

You need to call on massive amounts of will power to avoid going to do your physical fitness program.

You’re doing an exercise or doing a weight set and you consciously decide that you have done all you can do, and your body automatically overrides that thought and takes you to your true maximum potential!

Sound too good to be true?  Then read on….

Hi,  I’m Jason Wittman, the creator of this amazing program. I am also it’s original success story. Years ago, I trained to become a certified hypnotherapist. My teacher had made lots of money selling self-hypnosis program and encouraged us to do likewise. He even gave me his time tested, best-selling scripts, saying that if I changed 40% of the copy I could use them.

So I took those scripts and combined them with state-of-the-art Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques and produced a number of different programs.

I was, at that time, one of those original 98-pound weaklings who had it in my brain that it didn’t matter how much I worked out, I would never succeed in bodybuilding. I can’t tell you how much money I wasted on gym memberships that I never used and the workout programs and books that I bought and never really utilized.

So, I got this idea that I ought to do a self-hypnosis program that would counter all those problems I was having with working out. Although I had had good results with other self-hypnosis programs, I had no idea if this would work. I put in such neat ideas, like suggestions that only activities of higher priority could be substituted for scheduled physical exercise sessions. I also put in lots of visualizations of scenarios where I had gotten to what I thought was all I could do on a particular exercise and my body overrode that thought and took me to my true maximal potential.

Since it had studio time already booked for my other programs, I went and wrote the script and made the recording.

I faithfully listened to it every night before I went to sleep, which is the way to most effectively use all programs that reprogram inner ways of doing things. I was acting on blind faith and because I already invested so much time and effort into producing this thing that I felt obligated to give it a fair shot. Self-hypnosis programs are anything but a quick fix. One must consistently use them for at least 30 days to start to see any measurable results and that is exactly what I did

About a month later, I started to notice that regardless of when I thought it was time to end a set and move on to the next exercise, my body continued to do more reps. The first time this happened, it startled me. I was doing bench presses and got to what I thought was all I could do and was already consciously thinking of getting off the bench. All of a sudden I had one of those, “What the ….!” moments, because my hands did three more reps!

The biggest convincer for me was what happened one Friday evening. I was in the health club for my regular workout. I really didn’t want to be there. It was Friday night and I wanted to party. Well I slogged through about half of my routine and decided that I had had it and headed to the locker room

I got as far as the locker room door when I got this thought that I ought to go back and do one more exercise that I hadn’t done yet. Slightly annoyed, I went back and did the set and then declaring, “Now, I’, out of here!” I headed to the locker room BUT, at the door, something inside me pushed me to go do another exercise. Now I am really starting to get upset.

Well, I’m not going to bore you with an account of all the trips to the locker room door. Suffice to say, something wouldn’t let me quit until I had done my entire routine. I left the place, steaming. It had taken me twice as long because of all those trips up to that door. I was about half way home when it finally occurred to me that I had included the suggestion that I would only be able to substitute activities of higher priority for my workouts and partying certainly was not of higher priority!

That’s all the proof I needed. I have been a user of this program ever since and it had become one of my best sellers!

 Now it’s time for my Maximizing Physical Potential™ to work for you. So you can finally get to fully use that gym card of yours.

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PS: I once had the manager of a very large national chain of gyms tell me, off the record, that the reason they would not carry this program is that they are counting on most of the folks that are member never or rarely showing up while continuing to pay for membership out guilt feelings.


I have included my all-time best selling Restful Relaxation/Deep Sleep™ program. If you have any difficulties falling to sleep, this will really assist. If you use it for a week before you use the main program, it will greatly help to quickly get you in a relaxed state.


My 100% money back guarantee! Use the program, as I laid it out in the instructions, for the next thirty day. If you don’t start to see changes, call me at the number on the contact page and I will return your purchase price! (For the last twenty years, I have gotten many thank you’s from folks who used the program as directed and not one refund request.)