We are totally committed to your 100% satisfaction with our programs.

Please do the following:

  1. Write our support team at
  2. If it is a critical issue involving your use of the program, please call Coach Jason directly. He wants you to succeed and has personally committed to getting you up and running with the programs. Please reserve this method to questions that have to do with the use of the program. These are intended to be very short duration Q&A calls. If your questions morph into personal issues and concerns you will politely reminded that personal coaching and counseling are not included in the purchase of the InnerGameTools programs and asked to follow #3 below. Jason’s number is (310) 845-6202. He is available between the hours of 10AM to 5PM Pacific Coast (USA) time, weekdays and noon to 5PM PST on weekends.
  3. If you have questions or issues that are more the realm of coaching or counseling, you will need to either sign up for Jason’s Mastermind Groups or engage him in private sessions.

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