User Testimonials

Here are the experiences of some of those who used this program

“I was struggling with having effective sales conversations when I found Jason’s Inner Game of Sales program. After listening to it for about a month,  I noticed that I had a new confidence when networking and having conversations with people I did not know. I highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to improve their sales and networking skills. “
Diana M. Needham,  Business Coach, Author, and Speaker

” Last year, I made a commitment to create a business that produced a significant income stream. Time went by and while I had what seemed to be everything I needed to be successful (I had bought many courses/products for fulfillment of my services, I had chosen my target niche, I had joined different groups which offered support, etc.) after a year I had yet to talk to a client. It never even dawned on me what I was missing, actively prospecting to clients.

I started a business that required me to go out and network with other business people and to cold call on some of the toughest managers of businesses in my town. I caught myself postponing going out to meet with prospects and when I was truthful to myself, I had to admit that it was all fear that was keeping me from taking this critical next step. Then one day, I had the opportunity to begin using the Inner Game of Sales program and things started to change.

The program is deceptively simple, listen once in the morning and once before bed. What you said was true. After listening to it for about 30 days, I began to become aware that I no longer avoided scheduling appointments with potential clients. It sounds crazy but I was actually starting to look forward to booking appointments and I no longer felt like I was going to pass out before I walked into the door. And much to my surprise the meetings were comfortable and productive. I have a degree of self-assurance I never had before.

I really appreciate that you were thoughtful enough to include a day version of the program and a night one too. I love the night version, with its suggestions at the end for a good night’s sleep. I found myself falling asleep faster and sleeping more soundly.
Who would have thought that 30 minutes of stillness two times a day would be my bridge to success!gh for creating this power and effective program which is so easy to use.

Thank you,”
Sidra Gaines –

” For anyone in sales who feels challenged by cold calling or personal networking, Jason’s program is top notch. I’ve critiqued it as a fellow hypnotist and use it as a client. Despite some stylistic differences, Jason is the real deal!”
 Dave Strayer,  Auto Sales & Leasing Consultant