Congratulations for taking that very important first step, deciding to make a big difference in your professional life by joining us on this journey.

I have been working very hard to put together in this one Mastermind/training most all of the tools that I personally use to be able to confidently network, cold call and walk through any here-to-for difficult situations. Living in Hollywood, CA, I have at times been involved in the film and TV industries. I can report that this guy, me, who in high school became the student director of the shows because I didn’t have the nerve to go in stage, can now fearlessly walk through auditions and have acted in films (even sang in one!) and appeared on TV.  What you are about to learn are the things that have made this big difference in my life and in the lives of my private coaching clients.

We are going to start on Tuesday, May 27th at 1PM Pacific, 4PM EDT.

We will meet on a tele-conference line which will allow you to call in from anywhere without the need to be in front of a computer.  I will supply the log in information by email and on our Facebook Group. The calls will be recorded, though if you can be there for the live call, that would be beneficial to you and the call because there will be live coaching and active Q & A during the training parts.

There are a couple of things for you to do to get us all on the same page, both figuratively and physically.

2. Here’s my fancy schmancy mastermind member info form .. .oh well, not so fancy. Please fill it out so I can get a better picture of who you are so I can better service your needs:


As soon as I review it, I will send the Mastermind tele-conferencing information.

Once again, Welcome Aboard! I am 200% committed to making this a wonderful experience for you. In return, as I described on the previous page, the expectation is that you are committed to:

  • Invite your friends to join and share this on your Facebook timeline.
  • Actively participate in the discussions during the Mastermind sessions.
  • Give me feedback so I can craft the sessions to fit your needs.
  • And faithfully listen to the MP3 program

Thanks, again.


PS: If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, either now or at any time during the coming  months, please contact me either by email or phone. Please remember that I am in Los Angeles and we are 3 hours behind the east coast and I usually work late so 10AM my time is the earliest you can call. Email address and phone number are at the top of this page.

So What Is The Next Step to Stay In the Mastermind/training After the Trial Period Ends?

I am confident that after the first two week trial, you are going to want to stay for the full two month program. The investment is $197/month and you can do that by clicking on the button below:

Inner Game Mastermind